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This assignment consists of 2 parts:
* Part 1 (30 marks) – A written brand architecture strategy
* Part 2 (20 marks) – An academic poster

Assignment Topic:
Boost ( is an Australian multinational retail outlet that specializes in fruit juice and smoothies. Keeping up with the dynamic business environment, Boost is looking for opportunities for brand extension.
More specifically, Boost looks at category extension opportunities, i.e., marketers apply the parent brand to introduce a new sub-brand and enter a different product and/service category from the one it currently serves.
Now you are hired by Boost as a Brand Manager to develop a brand architecture strategy and then pitch the idea to the CEO of Boost.

In this Assignment, your tasks are twofold:

Task One: Develop a brand architecture strategy for Boost.

You should follow the three steps in developing a brand architecture strategy:
1) Defining the parent’s brand potential, including brand vision, brand boundaries, brand positioning.
2) Identifying brand extension opportunities, i.e., introducing the new sub-brand. You need to describe what the new offering is. Justify the benefits of such brand extension for both the sub-brand and the parent brand. (Note: you MUST conduct category extension, NOT line extension.)
3) Branding the new sub-brand’s product and/or service including deciding on the branding elements and positioning for the new sub-brand.

Task Two: Create an eye-catching and persuasive academic poster to pitch your idea to the CEO of Boost.

Your poster should serve as a visual presentation of your main thesis of Task One. The executive board should be able to evaluate your strategy development by looking at the poster. Your poster should effectively communicate the new brand extension opportunities, the sub-brand’s positioning, its target market, and POD.

The poster MUST also include the two following graphs:
1) A graph of brand hierarchy for Boost featuring all Boost sub-brands, including the new
2) A graph of CBBE model demonstrating how the new sub-brand will develop its brand equity.

Written Report Requirements:

The assignment is an individual assessment.
* The word limit for Task One Written Report is 1,500 words +/- 10% words.
* The word limit for Task Two Academic Poster is more flexible – allowed range between 500 +/- 10% words to 1,000 +/- 10%words.

The report should be consistent with the following structure:
1. Title page of your choice (not included in the word count)
2. Table of contents (not included in the word count)
3. Introduction (must limit to 1/2 page, approx. 100-150 words)
4. Main report (addressing three steps in developing a brand architecture
strategy, approx. 1,200 – 1,300 words)
5. Conclusions (must limit to 1/2 page, approx. 100-150 words)
6. Reference list (not included in the word count)
7. Academic Poster (must limit to 1 page; allowed range between 500 +/- 10%
words to 1,000 +/- 10%words)

Guidelines for Completion:

The sources of information used to compile your slides must be clearly stated, with appropriate in-text referencing (Harvard style). A minimum of 5 references in total should be used in the entire assignment. A minimum of 3 academic references should be used (note academic reference refer to academic journal articles, academic conference proceedings, books, textbooks etc.).
The report should be typed, and pages numbered, using 12pt. Times New Roman and 2.5cm margins throughout (A4 page set up). Reports exceeding the word limit or not conforming to the formatting guidelines are subject to a grade penalization. Reports substantially shorter than the page limit will also be penalized with a deduction proportional to how much shorter the report will be. Diagrams and tables that are important to the discussion should always be featured in the body of the report.
Make sure you put the Academic Poster as the last page of the submission file. Find more resources on LMS about designing and creating an academic poster.
Finally, your assignment must be submitted electronically via LMS in a PDF format.

Marking Guidelines

A detailed marking rubric is available on the LMS.


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