MMK251 - Augmented Product Concept and Service Flower - Individual Assignment

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The purpose of this assessment is to provide you the opportunity to develop and analyse a service product by applying your understanding of two key concepts from Services Marketing: the augmented product concept and flower of service model. In this assessment, you are expected to select a specific service product and develop an augmented service product diagram and a flower of service diagram for that service product to demonstrate a sound understanding of the two the concepts and how these two concepts can interact to improve the overall service experience.


This task provides you with opportunities to develop your understanding of the nature of service and service consumers in order to develop the right service product (GLO1 & ULO1) and to use the theory to analyse your service product and make relevant recommendations to achieve superior overall service experience (GLO2 & ULO2; GLO3 & ULO3; GLO4 &ULO4). This assignment provides you with the skills required in the study and practice of marketing management and strategies in service organisations. By completing this task, you will develop your skills in researching, understanding, applying, evaluating, and presenting information required of business professionals.

Specific Requirements

  1. Select a specific service product brand: Choose a specific service product brand. It could be a hotel (eg. Hilton Hotel), restaurant, airline, spa, online stream platform, or any other service- oriented business that you want to improve the customer experience. Ensure that the chosen service product offers sufficient depth for the development of the augmented product concept and the flower of
  2. Augment product concept development:
    1. Define the core product: what is/are the the core benefits and features of the chosen service product? Who are the customers for this core service product (i.e., their pains and gains)? Who are the direct and indirect competitors?
    2. Identify the actual product: outline the tangible aspects of the service product, such as its physical appearance, amenities, technology, and any other relevant
    3. Develop the augmented product: extend the service product beyond the core and actual components by incorporating additional features and benefits that enhance the overall customer experience. Consider elements like customer service, customization options, convenience, after-sales support, and any other value-added offerings.
  1. Flower of service development:
    1. Identify the core and supplementary services: determine the core service and

supplementary services that accompany your service product. For example, Starbucks

provides a social space for customers to enjoy their coffee, food, etc. Additionally, Starbucks’ supplementary services may include food and beverage service, merchandise sales, etc.

  1. Map the supporting services: Identify and describe the facilitating and enhancing services that support the delivery of the core and supplementary
  1. Analysis of the Interaction between augmented product concept and flower of service. Emphasize how understanding customer needs and tailoring service offerings accordingly is vital for the development of augmented product diagram and flower of service diagram, hence the service product’s success.
    1. Explain how the augmented product concept enhances the overall customer experience by incorporating additional features and
    2. Discuss how the augmented product concept aligns with the core and supplementary services identified in the flower of service.
    3. Analyse how the supporting services identified in the flower of service contribute to the augmented product concept to enhance the overall service experience.

Research paper assessment criteria

The final mark allocated will be based on the criteria outlined in the Assignment Rubric (see Assessment folder in CloudDeakin). Please note that this assignment will be marked out of 100 and then re-scaled to 20.

Assignment structure

Structure your answer around the assessment criteria outlined in the Assignment One Rubric (Assessment Resources/Assignment One/Assignment One Rubric). Should you wish to attach any additional information to your assignment (e.g., a brochure), label this information Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, etc., and give each appendix a title (e.g., Appendix 1: UberEats Online Brochure). Each appendix must be referred to by number in the body of your report and described briefly. You are NOT required to include a contents page, executive summary, or conclusion. Please include a reference list.

Research sources

A minimum of five relevant references are required (ALL of which should be cited within the body of your report). Use a range of sources, e.g., journal articles, text books, web sites, business magazines, etc. Please use the Harvard referencing system, information on which can be accessed at  the  following  web site ( support/referencing/harvard).

A blend of relevant service marketing theory and practical advice for management is required to score a high mark for this assignment.

Font and line spacing

With regard to the text used in your paper, please use a standard font (such as Times New Roman or Arial Narrow), at 12-point, with 1.5 minimum spacing between lines, to enhance the legibility for the marker.

Word limit

Your report should comprise 1,000 words. The reference list and appendices do not include in this word limit. The following penalties apply to reports in excess of the word limit:

  • If your report exceeds the word limit by 10% or less, 5% or 1 mark of the available marks will be
  • If your report exceeds the word limit by 11-20%, 10% or 2 marks of the available marks will be
  • If your report exceed the word limit by 21-30%, 15% or 3 marks of the available marks will be deducted,
  • This process will continue for each additional 10% that the word count is

Learning Outcomes

This task allows you to demonstrate your achievement towards the Unit Learning Outcomes (ULOs) which have been aligned to the Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs). Deakin GLOs describe the knowledge and capabilities graduates acquire and can demonstrate on completion of their course. This assessment task is an important tool in determining your achievement of the ULOs. If you do not demonstrate achievement of the ULOs you will not be successful in this unit. You are advised to familiarise yourself with these ULOs and GLOs as they will inform you on what you are expected to demonstrate for successful completion of this unit.


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