NC0112 Peak Performance

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This assignment is worth 50% of the final mark for NC0112 Peak Performance.

The cut-off date for this assignment is:

Sun 25 Feb 2024 2355hrs for Run 1 (Week 1-6) Fri 5 Apr 2024 2355hrs for Run 2 (Week 7-12)

This is an individual assignment. You are required to upload a single submission (TMA) via your respective seminar group site in Canvas. You are responsible for the timely upload of your assignment in Canvas.

Note to Students:

  1. Please refer to the Student Handbook for details regarding plagiarism. The University has strict guidelines and will enforce severe penalties for direct and unacknowledged copying of course materials or the work of any other authors as this is regarded as cheating.
  2. You are strongly encouraged to submit your assignments before the specified deadline. 10 marks will automatically be deducted via the grade-book system for each 24-hour block. There is strictly no extension of assignment deadlines. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details.
  3. Submit your assignment as a video file under the correct assignment link "TMA02" on Canvas.
  4. The following video formats are accepted on Canvas:
  5. FLV — Flash Video
  6. ASF — Windows Media
  7. QT — Apple QuickTime
  8. MOV — Apple QuickTime
  9. MPG — Digital Video Format
  10. MPEG — Digital Video Format
  11. AV1— Digital Video Format
  12. M4V — Digital Video Format
  13. WMV — Windows Media
  14. MP4 — Digital Video Format
  15. 3GP — Multimedia Mobile Format
  16. The maximum file size for the video is 500MB
  17. In the case of problems uploading the video file, email Canvas Support at immediately.


In this modem day and age, it is important to communicate information to the public in an attractive and engaging manner. Apply what you have learnt in the course about peak performance and create a short TikTok­style video which showcases your peak performance plan. (The plan should demonstrate a critical application of theoretical concepts, knowledge, and frameworks covered in the course.) Demonstrate how the various peak performance strategies can help SUSS students attain better performance in the different domains of their life. The video should identify adaptive habits and practices that SUSS students can adopt to achieve peak performance in their lives.


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