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NUR08104: Summative Assessment Instructions

A 1000-word professional blog post discussing a contemporary challenge relevant to your field of nursing.

For this Summative Assessment, please use the following template below.

Professional Research Blog Template

Blog Title:Think of a fun title that will catch the reader’s attention. (The title is not included in the word limit)
Describe the Problem:Identify and describe a contemporary challenge that is a) relevant to your field of nursing and b) could be usefully addressed through research.

·         Provide a brief description of a challenge you experienced in practice and why you feel in your professional opinion it is important that this issue be addressed through research

(200 words)

Critical Engagement with the Literature:Provide a rational for your identified challenge and why it is important to address. This must be grounded in evidence-based research.

(350 words)

Research Question:State a clear and specific research question.

(The research question is not included in the word limit)

Research Approach and Methodology:Provide a description of the research approach and methodology that would be best suited to address your identified challenge and aligns with your research question.


Research approach (design) = experimental research, quasi-experimental research, single-case research, case study, ethnography research, history/narrative research, participatory action research.

Methodology = qualitative methods (e.g., interviews, focus groups, etc.), quantitative methods (e.g. surveys, trends, patient charts, questionnaires, etc)

(350 words)

Expected Outcome:Provide a description on how this research may help address your identified challenge and support practice.

(100 words)

Reference List:(Not included in the word limit) Please use APA 7th Edition


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