NUR3020 Transition to Practice - Assessment 2: Essay

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Task overview

Assessment name Written Assessment, Essay
 Brief task description This written essay will be completed in Cadmus and requires you to self-reflect on the Case Study provided.
Rationale for assessment task As the complexities of caring for a patient in the Australian healthcare system increases there is a need to reflect on our experiences to improve our own ability to be resilient to the constant changes and demands of the setting. As a Registered Nurse these attributes are important both personally and professionally for optimal health, positive leadership and for quality outcomes of patients.
 Due Date  May 22, 2023, at 2359
Length  1800 words +/-10% (word length includes in-text referencing and excludes the reference list and appendices)
Marks out of: Weighting: 50% of final grade (marks out of 100)
Course Objectives measured Course Objectives assessed:1.       Critically apply relevant legal and ethical principles to future health care practice situations at the level of a beginning Registered Nurse

2.       Interpret, analyse and apply the nursing scope of practice domains in ethico-legal decision making in the provision of safe, effective and holistic person-centred care.

3.       Engage in critical discussion and reflective practice which explores the relationship between professional identity, role formation, and compassionate care in role transition and care provision.

4.       Examine the professional role of the beginning registered nurse in decision making, and personal and professional formation in digital health systems and organisational structures

Support for this assessment Information relating to the assessment task are provided in the Assessment tab on Study Desk. A frequently asked questions forum is available to ask relevant questionsConsultation times can be accessed throughout the week at the times advertised on Study Desk Information relating to examples of how to complete the self-reflective are provided in the self- reflection section on study desk, and in the workshop and tutorial materials.

Task information

Task detail Consider the next stage of your transition from student to a graduate registered nurse. During this transition, the stages of reality shock can become real. How you, as a graduate registered nurse responds to each situation will prepare you for further challenges. However, this requires resilience, strength, and the capacity to grow as a leader and to self-reflect.Please read the case study below and respond to the questions provided. The case study highlights key areas where moral issues arise.

Case Study

You are a new graduate nurse on a ward and have been assigned to work with a senior nurse who is renowned for her abusive and bullying behaviour towards students and new staff. While she has been welcoming and friendly towards you, you observe that she mistreats another new graduate nurse whose first language is not English. She allocates him a heavier workload than others and withholds important patient information from him so that he looks foolish among his colleagues, and which increases the risk of him making preventable mistakes. She speaks to him rudely, denies him educational opportunities and talks about him with other senior staff. Others also observing her behaviour towards the new graduate say and do nothing to counteract her conduct or to assist the new nurse. You notice that he is distressed, anxious and afraid to ask questions. However, you are not sure how to respond as you want to make a good impression and don’t want to risk the senior nurse retaliating against you and jeopardising your own position.

The essay is to contain the following sections:

a.     Introduction (100 words) – The introduction is an overview of the key areas of your intended discussion.

b.     Discuss the moral issues raised in the case study (500 words) – This is a self-reflective discussion on the moral issues raised in the case study and can include both a first and third person discussion. This section must provide a comprehensive discussion of the key areas you feel important as you transition into practice as an RN based on the case study.

c.      Considering the case study, how would you respond to the issues identified (400 words) This section requires a third person discussion of the reasons you would use to justify your response to the moral issues raised. The section must include the importance, relevance and use of contemporary, scholarly literature relating to reflective practice as a registered nurse.

d.     Discuss the moral obligations of co-workers in the case study (400 words) –In this first and third person discussion consider the stages of reality shock and how they inform your transition into practice and the need for skills in professional leadership, adaptation, and resilience.

e.     Strategies for practice - (300 words) Based on your discussion above what specific positive strategies, would assist you to transition into practice as a registered nurse in developing and actioning professional leadership skills, resilience and adaptation? This third person discussion must include credible Scholarly literature sources that support the strategies are required and must be correctly referenced.

f.       Essay Conclusion (100 words) – This section includes a summary of the main points and what you have learnt from reflecting on the case study.

Writing Style •          The essay should be written in third person unless otherwise directed.•          Essay writing conventions are expected as per writing/essays

•          Academic Writing Style as per USQ assessment guidelines.

Referencing/ citations •          For this assessment you will use APA 7th referencing style.•          Sources: There is no set number of references required, however, the expectation for an essay of this length is approximately 12- 15 references with the majority no older than 6 years old.

•          In text citations: You must include in-text citations in the body of work. Each new point or piece of evidence must be attributed (via in-text citation) to the source.

Formatting Style •          Written in Cadmus•          Footer (Assessment title)

Headings can be used to organise the essay. Please use the headings in the ‘Guidelines/ structure’ description in Cadmus.

Resources available to complete task The NUR3020 StudyDesk Assessment Tab contains the following resources to help you with this assessment:•          Student Tool Kit – Assessment & Study Skills: Academic Writing.

•          Unpacking the case study assessment recording under the Assessment -Essay area.

•          Student consultation times are available each week as advertised on the NUR3020 Study desk Study Schedule. Support for academic writing (and referencing) is available from the Learning Advisor and Liaison

Librarian, you can find information and contact them via their site: Study and Research Support for Health & Community students


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