NURBN3034 Consolidation of Person-Centered Nursing Practice in Diverse Settings

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Task Instructions

You are required to choose ONE specific Global Health Issue (GHI) from the following list:

  • Non-communicable diseases/Issues such as obesity, diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular disease, sepsis, and malnutrition 
  • Communicable Diseases such as whooping cough, RSV, influenza, meningococcal disease, and STIs 
  • Reproductive and sexual health 
  • Injury and Violence such as domestic violence, elder abuse, etc. 
  • Mental Health issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, and eating disorders. 
  • Substance abuse such as smoking, drug and/or alcohol abuse 

Research and critically examine the selected global health issue and its impact on health in Australia. You will then transfer your understanding and findings of your chosen topic through an E (electronic) Poster.

Within your E-Poster, you need to display: 

  • Introduction: This should address why this health issue is of global significance and its significance in the health and well-being of people and communities in Australia.    
  • Risk Factors: Modifiable and/or Non-Modifiable Risk factors for the health issue and/or risk factors that can influence the spread. 
  • Impact: Impact of the health issue on the individual/community (for example physical, emotional, and socioeconomic impacts) 
  • Challenges: Challenges in managing the health issue in the individual/community (location, financial, engagement etc.) 
  • Mitigation: Evidence-based strategies to prevent and manage this health issue in individuals/communities.


You can be as creative as you like in the design of your E-Poster. Your poster must be informative as well as visually engaging. Be mindful of the overuse of text and consider more visual representations of information including pictures, graphs etc. You are advised to select a page size of at least A3 to ensure you have sufficient room to fit all the required parts of this assessment. PowerPoint, Adobe, Canva, or any similar program will be accepted. Ensure the software you plan to use allows you to download your work upon completion. Your poster should include the student's name and student ID.


For students who require additional help in designing an e-poster, Learning Skill Advisers have created a video explaining the key elements of an effective eposter. Access the video via this link.


To avoid the risk of contravening copyright students should use following free image repositories in the development of the self-care guide (these don't require attribution - unless specifically indicate for the image when you download it): 


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