NURS90158 Nursing of Chronic Health Conditions - Original Statement

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For this activity, you will participate in an online discussion forum reflecting on the lived experience of a chronic mental health condition from the perspective of a consumer, informal carer or registered nurse. To avoid self-plagiarism, the chosen perspective and experience must enable you to submit an original piece of work and engage in the discussion.

Step 1

You are required to prepare an original statement (300 words) reflecting on the lived experience of mental health conditions from one of four

perspectives. You may select from one (1) of the perspectives:

  1. Person living a chronic mental health condition.
  2. Informal carer of a person living with a mental health condition
  3. Registered Nurse (Mental Health)
  4. Student Registered Nurse (Mental Health)

Step 2

In your original statement you need to address each of the following:

  1. A concise outline of the situation to be reflected upon, which clearly identifies the chosen perspective and topic (problem/issue). All information about the facility (location) and individuals involved (including if writing about yourself) should be deidentified. For a person-centred approach pseudonyms are required.
  2. Citation of evidenced based guidelines to support and/or educate informal and formal carers in their care of persons living with chronic mental health conditions.
  3. A concluding sentence of how this reflection may inform your future nursing practice.

Step 3

  1. Proofread your original statement and check all sources of information have been correctly referenced according to APA 7th ed.
  2. Post your original statement to the discussion forum
  3. Provide two (2) peer review posts (100 words each) to the original statements of other students. Your peer review posts should advance the discussion. For example, asking a critical question; seeking clarification about information in the post; providing feedback or clarification (supported by evidence); or providing additional information or an alternative perspective (supported by evidence) based on your own research. The goal is to increase the breadth, depth and accuracy of the discussion, not to criticise or argue. Marks will not be awarded for posts and responses that do not add to the discussion in a meaningful way.


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