NURS90158 Nursing of Chronic Health Conditions

Get Expert's Help on Discussion: Optimal Care Pathways


For this assessment, you will participate in an online discussion forum addressing the underpinning principles of the Optimal Care Pathways: The best cancer journey for specific types of cancer (Cancer Australia, 2020).

Step 1

The Optimal Care Pathways are informed by a set of seven underpinning principles that define

appropriate and supportive care that is the right of all cancer patients and the right of those caring for and connected to them. The seven principles are:

Principle 1: Patient Centred Care

Principle 2: Safe and Quality Care

Principle 3: Multi-disciplinary Care

Principle 4: Supportive Care

Principle 5: Care Coordination

Principle 6: Communication

Principle 7: Research and Clinical Trials

Select one (1) of these principles and read the Cancer Australia's description of how it may apply to the care of the cancer patient.

Step 2

Prepare a 300-word original statement that identifies your chosen principle and outlines how the registered nurse may contribute to ensuring the person living with cancer and those connected to them receive appropriate and supportive care.

Your statement should be supported by one example, which cites a resource recommended by Cancer Australia for your selected principle. Please see in-text hyperlinks provided by Cancer Australia for your resource options.

Your forum statements should be referenced according to APA 7th ed.

Step 3

  1. Proofread your original statement and check all sources of information have been correctly referenced according to APA 7th ed.
  2. Post your original statement to the discussion forum
  3. Provide two (2) peer review posts (100 words each) to the original statements of other students.

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