Outline how useful the resources are on this website for practicing human resource professionals

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Outline how useful the resources are on this website for practicing human resource professionals.

Human Resource Management is one of the major segments of an organization’s operations, whereas human resource professionals are responsible for the seamless flow of their organization’s operations, this enables them to make a relevant and valuable contribution to the work of the organization (Acqua n Luckose, p. 149, 2018). Making available best skills required for the job being the core responsibility of HR practitioners, they through varied recruitment procedures hire the best talent and even during the employment tenure implement different training and skill enhancement programs providing opportunities for the employees for their further developments. And as stated by Masanja (p. 7, 2019) that human resource is more than just maximizing the use of human resources, it also focuses on managing physical and psychological capital of workers, as such all the resources on this website being purposely designed to upgrade the skills and knowledge of the students, making them a perfect fit for their respective professional fields, the same resources would not only aid the HR professionals in analyzing that what are the weak segments of their upcoming candidates, what modifications they should make in their hiring procedures to select the best talent and what changes or improvements they need in their training procedures for their new employees.   

Also, as different companies are invited for the career events and workshops organized through this website, HR practitioners attending the same events would have the opportunity to learn more about  the current job requirements of leading companies and what skills are in demand and how they can further improve the capabilities of the employees of their organization.   

Moreover, CVs and cover letters are the first impression of the applicants, it enables the HR professionals to learn about candidate’s personal profile in a summarized format and shortlist him for the final selection procedures. as stated by Barisa (2010) that for some positions decisions about the applicant will be made regarding possible fit after reviewing these papers, a quality applicant could be rejected simply because the CV and Cover Letter were poorly drafted or did not make a good impression. In this regard the source on the website “Preparing for Job Application’ will not only enable the students to design their CVs which could be appealing for the hiring managers, but will also be helpful for the practicing HR professionals to shortlist the quality candidates for vacant posts.

What improvements do you consider would be beneficial from an HR practitioner's perspective? 

According to Withers, Williamson & Reddington (2010) primary responsibility of HR professionals is to devise and implement strategies to secure for organizations the best talent their organization need to succeed. Considering the competitive environment, HR professionals design and implement varied techniques to select and retain the best talent, beneficial for their respective organization. The discussed website is offering varied options for the fresh graduates to develop skills and knowledge so that they can be considered for their desired respective fields, however HR practitioners access the competency of the candidates through their own designed varied techniques and considering the market competition HR managers of individual organizations keeps on upgrading their hiring and retaining strategies to empower their respective organizations with best skills available in the market, in this regard along with career workshops and other development programs conducting a counseling session with the present practicing HR professionals will not only aid the graduates to evaluate their competencies in relation to their desired career fields but will also help the HR professionals to access the mindset and the type of working environment fresh graduates are expecting. And as hiring the best talent is critical for companies but it is also one of the most time-consuming parts of HR (Hacioglu, 2020), students counseled by practicing HR professionals will develop capabilities that will make their hiring process easier and simple not only for them but for the hiring managers as well. simultaneously, it will also enable the HR professionals to re-assess their strategies and techniques for the selection and retention of the employees. 

Moreover, as HR professional’s priority is to select the best skilled candidate for their organization, adding a resource on the website for a meeting session with HR managers from individual organizations with the fresh or upcoming graduates, will be beneficial for both i.e., the students and HR managers as well. students will learn about the techniques HR managers use to assess a candidate’s competencies and the HR managers will get an idea that what type of talent and skills will be available in the market in future and how they could cope up with the job requirements of the present organizations. 

Secondly, as there’s already an option of “Engage with Students” on the website, inviting  representatives of companies to interact with the students updating them on the current job requirements, however as students will be seeking varied jobs in varied professional fields and cannot acquire there respective desired information from the visiting company’s representative,  in this regard by adding a direct chat option in the website, with an individual HR professional from individual professional fields will not only aid the students to acquire more information regarding recruitment and job requirements but will also assist the HR professional to shortlist or select the most appropriate candidate for their respective organization.

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