Peer review of another student's assignment 2 work

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You will receive another student's work and provide your comments of what is working well and what needs improvement (inserted as Word document comments throughout their paper).

Students must complete a peer review process for another student’s Assignment 2, and in turn, will have their own work peer reviewed. Students are required to reflect upon the critical review process described in the topic and suggest modifications to their paired student's work to advance their review. Students will return the other person's work with their own editorial comments and suggestions within that document. Please put comments in the manuscript using Word track changes. Thus, you will submit a copy of the colleague's work which has comments in it. You will automatically fail this assessment if you just write a summary. You must put in comments throughout, pointing out what is done well and what needs improvement.

Note: The Topic Coordinator (TC) will assign each student to be paired with another student for this peer review activity and send the work to each student. The initial pairing will then only be altered if a student peer reviewer is unwell or delayed with submission of Assignment 2 needed for the peer review. The TC will endeavour to provide a close match in terms of date of assignment availability and topic of interest (where possible) to enable each student to progress their peer review in a timely manner.

Peer review is an opportunity for improvement, so be nice, but give your own (expert) opinion because it counts. You are NOT grading the other student, but you are judging their output against a standard. Put your comments in comment boxes within their word document.

  1. Please use constructive criticism, pointing out both strengths and weaknesses (with suggestions for improvement and how they might achieve it).
  2. Be kind in your words and strong in your standards.
  3. You are reading is a draft and it may only have the basics for assignment 2. Look at the rubric for assignments 2 and 4. Can you give feedback using these too? You need to point out what they did well and what needs improving, give suggestions, and ask questions about what you hoped to see.
  4. The instructions for what to do have been very explicit for this topic. People need to follow instructions. For example, if they deviate from an integrative review, look at their reference review type and see if they have actually meet that criteria.

Finally, please remember that this is a Masters - the second highest degree possible. People must meet the standards of this degree. These people will certainly capitalise on having a MA, such as the responsibility, kudos, money, and power that comes from positions associated with having it. When you graduate from our university, outsiders need to know that Flinders people are competent. You want confidence that someone who might be your boss one day actually knows what their degree says they can do.


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