GSD3DAW Forum Participation Assignment On Diversity at Work: Access, Equity and Policy

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Assignment Task

Please find below important information, details and instructions regarding the first assignment: "Forum Participation". Please note that whatever information is given on this sheet is deemed to be the primary information, students should use these details as accurate and correct and overrule anything found elsewhere on LMS or the SLG.

As part of the course, students must participate in a group activity exercise. However, for the Summer version of this subject this activity/ assessment will be done online via their Forum Participation on their LMS Forum boards. Students participation will be based on and assessed by two main factors:

  1. they fulfil the requirement of a total of ten posts, which include I original post (their own post) and 9 other posts (which are responses to other students' posts)
    And secondly,
  2. they incorporate reading materials or other resources into their responses, and/or give a response with their interpretations on reading/resources.

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