NURS3003 Case study essay On Dynamics of Practice 3

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Assessment 3. Case Study Essay

Please refer to the three patient case studies (A, B and C) provided for assessment.
If your surname begins with A - M Please use case B as a basis for this assessment
If your surname begins with N -Z Please use case C as a basis for this assessment.

While each case study is not fully comprehensive, you are to use information provided in the case study ONLY, do not include additional information. You may however make some assumptions based on the information provided in the case studies.

The assignment:
Provide a 3,000 word essay that includes:

  • an introduction in which you introduce your case study patient and provide context for what is to follow in the essay.
  • Illustrate what you understand by the terms chronic and complex needs?.
  • Do you believe that your case study patient has complex care needs? If so, why?
  • identify in order of priority, three (3) specific needs for your patient.
  • Provide a rationale as to why you have prioritised these needs
  • For each of these needs, provide a detailed account of how they will best be met (in the patients home). This will include information about how these needs will be met and the multidisciplinary team members required, their role and a justification as to why they will be beneficial in assisting the persons care and avoiding hospitalisation.
  • demonstrate the role of the registered nurse in assisting the patient to access services.
  • Identify two potential barriers to this care, this may include issues such as social capital, ageism, cultural and social processes if applicable.
  • Consider any issues related to the patient’s medication needs. (actual or potential)
  • Provide a conclusion that sums up the main points in your essay.

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