POA304 Positive Ageing

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Assessment Task

Research on new technology or innovation used in the aged care sector (acute care hospital, community aged care, or residential aged care) in Australia in the last seven (7) years. Technologies can be challenging for the older person but, once established, may improve their quality of life.

Explore the positive and negative aspects of the chosen digital technology or innovation. Develop, and deliver a 10 min (+/- 10%) presentation via zoom. In this assessment, you will present an individual PowerPoint presentation.

Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Developing services or products that improve the quality of life of older people or improve the work efficiency of the health professionals that care for older people is an essential focus of a service organisation’s continuous quality improvement program. Innovations do not necessarily need to be an advancement in technology. Still, the invention can implement new ideas, such as a new work process, product, or service. The purpose of innovations is that they change, create, or add value to the recipient (Doyle, 2018). One example is Sofihub and smart home technology, which helps the elderly remain at home and supports their independence.


Doyle, N. (2018). Top tips for creating a safe and ‘ideas-sharing’ environment in your organisation.

Fusion. The voice of aged care. (Autumn 2018), pp. 25–26. Retrieved from: https://lasa.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Fusion-Autumn-18-issuu-OPT.pdf

This assessment will:

  • Help you to identify and apply evidence-based, innovative approaches and technologies to the ageing population and consider the ethical implications of their use in the aged care
  • Develop an appreciation of the expanded role health services have in developing innovations to promote well-being outcomes for current and future populations.
  • Demonstrate your communication skills with your peers in preparation for clinical practice.


To complete this assessment task:

  • Research the literature of the last seven (7) years and identify one (1) technology that improves the delivery of care to older Australians or improves the lives of older Australian in the aged care sector (community or residential aged care).
  • Describe how this technology will improve service delivery, care, or the quality of life of the older person In other words, why was this innovation developed?
  • Identify the ethical issues related to using this innovation with older For example, ethics may play a part with older people with dementia, older people from LGBTQIA+, Australian Torres Strait Islander, or CALD groups. Ethics in technology may also include accountability, digital rights, privacy, freedom, data protection, etc. Is there a potential conflict with society's moral principles?
  • Identify the support of the innovation by research or a follow-up evaluation of its effectiveness or ability to change outcomes.
  • Briefly present the aims and results of this search.
  • Provide an example of how you could implement this innovation.

Suggested format.

  1. The presentation will be 10 minutes long (+/- 2 minutes).
  2. Recommendation of five slides + reference slide (you may present more slides, but adhere to the allocated time frame and requested content).
  3. The target audience is a group of your peers, e.g., the multidisciplinary team of an aged care facility or community setting, (please identify on your front slide which type of audience).
  4. Do not overcrowd the slide with Keep to dot points and narrate. You can use pictures if that will assist your story.
  5. Referencing must be in the PowerPoint slides.
  6. Slide content:
    • Slide one - Introductory slide - introduce your topic, state who you are, and to who you are presenting the information.
    • Slide two - discuss the background, the reason for the development, and who benefits from the technology or innovation.
  • Slide three – discuss any supporting evidence for its use and ability to change care outcomes or quality of life of older people.
    1. What are the ethical issues which may arise concerning the innovation?
  • Slide four – explain how you propose implementing this innovation.
  • Slide five - provide a summary of the presentation.
  • Slide six – reference list in APA format (be sure to in-text reference on each slide).
  1. Utilise a face-cam and video yourself while presenting and narrating your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Upload the presentation on blackboard.


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