Policy Analysis and Development- Performance Management

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Performance management

Policy Analysis:

Heinrich (2007), in the study, mentioned that evidence-based policy and performance management activities improve effectiveness by creating a base of information and evidence to help in the decision-making process. The decision includes program design, funding, implementation, and management. In the process of policy, methods for assembling standards, analyzing data, and calculating the right time are considered vital decisions. Especially when we are talking about a company having an international grasp. Apple has always been known as the number one smartphone seller as it includes technologies dissimilar from other android phones.

Internal and external analysis is critical when developing policies. Policies regarding performance management need to be the first look at a broader perspective then eventually be implanted into employees.

Internal Analysis: 

Ga & Daud (2014) stated the correlation analysis between objectives and performance. Therefore, the more active managers understand the goals, the more efficient human resource management can be managed. However, Apple has an aim to bring the best user experience to the users through innovation. The company works on three dimensions mentioned by Koch (2010). The dimensions are customer Intimacy, operational excellence, and product leadership. Apple put a lot of effort into the performance of the workforce by investing in their skills. The company is aware of human capital as a fundamental ingredient for overall competitiveness (Storey, 2014). Customer intimacy is the relation the customer has with the product, they not only want the product but also are habitual of the software Apple has. Additionally, Apple provides premium services to its user, and device operations never give a hard time to the user. 

Apple has successfully processed its strategy and has been able to capture a significant market share. An increase in revenue is a result of specialization in the manufacturing of electronic products that have high quality. Additionally, Apple has invested in its employees' skill programs to cover a more comprehensive market (Grant, 2016). Furthermore, Yan et al. (2016) also declared that delivering an exceptional user experience to the clientele is a challenge in the mobile industry, but Apple had control over it. Outlets are positioned strategically into places accessible by the customers. The company also circulates the ethical code of conduct of its suppliers annually. The primary purpose of all these detailed strategies is to make the brand powerful.

External Analysis: 

Apple Inc. is the leading global leader in Smartphone provider. The only electronic company can manage software and hardware products. (Jarvis, Mittleman, Xu & Tam, 2014). Apple product enables a user to share music, videos, and applications on Apple products (i.e., iPhone, iPad, iTunes, and Mac) mentioned by Bau, 2013. Despite all the success, Apple should go through when operating business some external factors. 

External problems include terrorism, geographical and political uncertainties, and government policies. These factors can affect the sales of Apple products. The company outsources components worldwide, including China, the Czech Republic, and Korea, to reduce its cost (Jarvis, Mittleman, Xu & Tam, 2014). 

When the company examines all sorts of risk associated, it also considers risk involving economic changes. The purchasing power of the customer is one of them as the factor is dependent upon changes in economic conditions. Lesser the purchasing power, the lesser the sale, and the higher the purchasing power, the higher the purchase of the product. As an example, we can keep in view the rising of unemployment in many countries. As a result, Apple has experienced lower sales because of the low purchasing power of consumers. The increase of COVID-19 has to lead to unemployment, which has reduced the purchasing power of an individual. Also, after the George case, the most selling outlet has been affected in extreme ways. The country's situation also plays a role in sales and revenue. 

Apple has a diversified product range. The wide product range is due to competition in the market (Jarvis, Mittleman, Xu & Tam, 2014). Names of competitors of Apple are Samsung, Nokia, HPQ, Google, HTC, and RIM. The company has dealt with competition through investment in technology and talented employees. The company has been able to manage high returns to maintain the development of the firm. 

Apple has stepped up its game by creating a differentiation strategy through its evolving technology and innovation. Also, by providing high-quality services to customers to retain their loyalty. (Bau, 2013). This ability and vision have pen new opportunities for Apple to gain huge market share globally.

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