Policy Brief : This assessment requires you to construct a persuasive policy argument in response to the question.

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Assessment 3 - Policy Brief

This assessment requires you to construct a persuasive policy argument in response to the question detailed below.   Your response must present a series of clear, well-articulated claims, linked to and justified by persuasive evidence and thoughtfully engaged in terms of the assumptions embedded in the argument you have constructed.


How should high schools in Australia (or another country) respond to the development of artificial intelligence tools such as CHATGPT?  Your paper should identify the potential impacts of more accessible artificial intelligence tools, make recommendations in response and provide current evidence (within the last year) to support your claims.   You should use headings to structure your policy paper including introduction, problem description, policy options, recommendations, and conclusion.   The audience for your policy brief is staff in the education department.

Assessment Criteria

Your paper will be assessed on:

  1. How well the introduction sets up the policy issues being engaged with and their significance (the what and why)   /8
  2. How skillfully the brief articulates a set of well-thought-out claims, synthesizes support/evidence for the persuasive purpose and make its key assumptions clear?    /24
  3. How easy the writing is to follow with only one reading  /8
  4. How accurate the referencing is and whether the writer shows mastery of academic integrity?    /10


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