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Weight: 20% Assessment Task:

Pre-recorded oral presentation Task Details Objective:

This assessment task aims to select and examine the health promotion perspectives as part of being a health promotion change agent. It will identify how that health promotion professional would identify the health needs of an appropriate target client group and the factors that may influence them.

Using the health promotion strategies identified in the Ottawa Charter, design and justify how this health promotion professional could work to address the identified health issue with their targeted client group.

This assessment aims to evaluate students' communication skills, critical thinking, public speaking skills, and application of health promotion concepts through the development and delivery of an individual presentation on a chosen health promotion program. Description: Each student is required to prepare and deliver an individual prerecorded oral PowerPoint presentation on a health promotion program, as mentioned below. The program should address a specific public health issue target a particular population or community and describe an existing health promotion program in Australia or globally.

Task Description

The task involves four stages, including.

  1. Use the Public Health Issue provided,
  2. Creating a PowerPoint Presentation,


  1. Infectious Diseases- Public Health Issue:

Using infectious diseases as your public health issue, corelate it to the health promotion

perspective and identify a client group or target population or community for your health promotion program.

  1. Develop a PowerPoint Presentation and pre-record oral presentation

from Health Promotion practitioner role:

Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes slides on an existing health!

promotion program that is currently in effect in either the Australian healthcare

system or globally. Identify any critical gaps in the program and propose

improvements to address them, considering strategies for individuals, groups,

communities, and populations. It is important to ensure that the program

integrates health promotion theory and emphasises the role of a change


  1. Presentation Format:

o Time Limit: 6 minutes for the presentation.

o Use visual aids, such as PowerPoint slides, to support your presentation.

o Maximum of six slides (excluding the title and concluding slides)

  1. Assessment Criteria: Your presentation will be assessed based on the following criteria: o Clarity and depth of content. o Application of health promotion perspectives. o Demonstration of advanced communication and interpersonal skills.

7.Referencing your work: The referencing style for this course is APA 7th Edition.


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