Presentation A: Teacher Performance Presentation

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Presentation A: Teacher Performance Presentation

5 minutes= 500 words

-needs photos and lesson plan

-needs Form B Student-Teacher learning log and Form C Reflective Self- Evaluation Report to be used as evidence

  • Articulates teaching goals and strategies that links to Australian Professional Standards for Teaching (APSTs), current curricula (EYLF/VEYLDF), National Quality Standards (NQS) and ECA Code of Ethics (5Marks).
  • Critically reflects on strategies used to improve practices and supports reflection with evidence (artifacts)from Professional Experience placement (10 Marks).
  • Artifacts selected are the student's work, demonstrate ethical practices, have a clear rationale for inclusion and are professionally presented (10 Marks)

present multiple forms of evidence to support your readiness to teach effectively and independently as well as learn in ongoing ways. You are to:

State your two goals that you set during your 35-day placement and choose one of these goals to be the focus of your presentation.

focus on my presentation isEncourage literacy and numeracy in children.

Focussing on your chosen goal, reflect on the strategies you used to improve your practice while on placement. You need to demonstrate how your goal and strategies are linked to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APSTs), current curricula (EYLF/VEYLDF), National Quality Standards (NQS), ECA Code of Ethics and the development of your emerging philosophy of pedagogical practice.


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