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PRJ6001 Applied Project

PRJ6001 Applied Project requires students to work independently or as a team but reporting independently, to create a solution to a complex real-world, industry-relevant project needing an innovative solution. Students will either continue working on their identified business problem in their proposal from the PRJ5106 unit or on a new proposal that they will need to have it completed before enrolling in this unit or in the first week of the Unit. Students will integrate and synthesise knowledge by applying and extending the technical and professional skills acquired through their course. Students carry out a project that requires them to identify, refine and clarify an applied problem, justify an approach to addressing the problem, implement a project to solve the problem and evaluate outcomes. Students are required to utilize appropriate design and development strategies, adopting appropriate methodologies and best practices to develop a unique product, service, or solution. The project output may be a report, model, or an artefact.

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