Progress report: Cyber Bullying - Problems and Solutions

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In this contemporary world where technology and social media have become an inevitable part of every individual’s life, some people have gradually started to realize some dark aspects of technology and social media that may cause un-repairable harm to the humanitarian race. Cyber Bullying is one such issue that may enable an individual to experience humiliation, threats, abhor and offence while engaging on social media forums or on other communication forums such as emails or SMS. The report is essentially designed to discuss the various consequences that victims suffer while being exposed to cyber bullying. 

Research in this report reflects that individuals can be victimized via various forms of cyber-bullying which may range from harassment and cyber-stalking to denigration and masquerading. These victims may suffer from psychological and emotional trauma which may eventually lead them to suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia and at times suicide. The depression and isolation are essentially penetrated as a result of disrupted relationships that are being caused due to cyber-bullying. Furthermore, cyber victimization may also enable individuals to engage in problem behaviors such as illegal acts, substance abuse and property damage.

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