Recommendation Tasks On Contemporary Issues In Marketing Practice

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SECTION TWO : Recommendation Tasks

  1. Recommend and justify any changes to the brand identity, including the brand elements, based on the brand audit in part A. Support your evaluation with contemporary marketing theory/ies. (10 marks)
  2. Based on the brand audit in part A, either recommend an alternative brand position or justify the continuation of the current brand position for The Co-operative Bank. In both cases highlight the value proposition to base your decision on. Support your recommendation or justification with contemporary marketing theory/ies. (15 marks)

Note the word count for this assignment is 3500 words. Please note that no credit will be given for anything over this limit.

Assignment includes:

The cover page with the following:

  • Your name
  • Subject code (AMCM700)
  • Assignment Two
  • The Co-operative Bank Limited title and logo
  • Word Count

Assignment must have:

  • Correct APA referencing with at least 10 credible references (5 marks)
  • Correct New Zealand spelling and grammar (5 marks)

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