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Recruitment Management: Overview

Recruitment management is the process of sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates for an organization. The goal of recruitment management is to find the best candidates for the organization, while also ensuring that the hiring process is fair and efficient.

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Types of Recruitment Management

There are many different types of recruitment management, each with its own set of best practices. The most common types of recruitment management are:

Strategic recruitment management

This type of recruitment management focuses on long-term planning and goal setting. It is typically used by organizations that are looking to fill multiple positions or that have a high turnover rate. 

Tactical recruitment management

This type of recruitment management is more focused on the short-term and is typically used by organizations that are looking to fill a single position or that have a low turnover rate.

Operational recruitment management

This type of recruitment management is focused on the day-to-day tasks associated with recruiting, such as posting job descriptions, screening resumes, and conducting interviews. It is typically used by organizations that have a medium turnover rate.

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Process of Recruitment Management

The process of recruitment management comprises seven steps:


In this phase, you determine which position needs to be filled and prepare the job description.

Strategy Development

In this phase, you will devise strategies on how you can find candidates to fill the position.


This stage is when the search begins for the perfect candidate, many companies employ a combination of internal and external sources to attract candidates.


The screening stage is all about narrowing the pool of candidates down to those to be interviewed.

Interviewing and selecting

During this phase, the interviews are conducted and the one that matches the skills and background the organization is looking for is selected.

Job offer and onboarding

The next step is officially making an offer to the preferred candidate for the position. If the offer is accepted, you should offer comprehensive onboarding to welcome the new employee.

Evaluating the recruitment process

And in the final stage, you analyse the effectiveness of your recruiting methods so that you can improve them further.

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Popular Assignments & Subjects for Recruitment Management

Here are some popular Recruitment Management assignment topics and associated course codes that students often seek tutoring assistance with:

HRM2001 - Principles of Recruitment and Selection

HRM2002 - Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning

HRM3001 - Strategic Recruitment and Employer Branding

HRM3002 - Recruitment Technologies and Analytics

HRM3003 - Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment

HRM3004 - Global Recruitment and Mobility

HRM3005 - Recruitment Marketing and Social Media

HRM3006 - Recruitment Compliance and Legal Issues

HRM3007 - Recruitment Metrics and Performance Management

HRM3008 - Recruitment Management Capstone Project

Subjects Covered:

Fundamentals of recruitment and selection processes

Workforce planning, talent acquisition strategies, and succession planning

Strategic recruitment and employer branding techniques

Leveraging technologies and analytics in recruitment (e.g., applicant tracking systems, AI-based screening)

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in recruitment practices

Global recruitment challenges, cross-border mobility, and expatriate management

Recruitment marketing, social media, and digital recruitment strategies

Legal and regulatory compliance in recruitment (e.g., anti-discrimination laws, privacy regulations)

Recruitment metrics, analytics, and performance management

Capstone projects or case studies in recruitment management

Recruitment Management Tutoring

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