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Ms. Allen (pseudonym) a 22-year-old lady came from operation theatre after the open reduction and internal fixation of her right leg tibia. The fracture was due to a motor vehicle accident. I was asked to take her assessment and history. As I entered the room, I saw Ms. Allen was lying on the bed with closed eyes. I greeted her and introduced myself as a student nurse. I told her that I was there to take her assessment and history. Ms. Allen looked depressed and sad. I asked her about her present and past clinical history and took performed head to toe systemic assessment. Her blood pressure was 115/81 mmHg, heart rate was 96 BPM, breath rate was 18 BPM, and Sp02 was 96% at room air. She rated her pain 6 out of 10 at the surgical site. During the assessment, she told me about the motor vehicle accident and told me that she was driving and due to her fault, her best friend is in ICU who was in the car as well. While she was telling this, she started crying. I offered her a glass of water and tissues to show empathy. I told her that I will bring something for her pain.


As she told me that she was feeling guilty and started crying I gave her tissue box and showed empathy. I did not know how to act in this situation due to a lack of experience and skills. I went to my buddy nurse and told her the situation and asked her if we can give some pain killer to Ms. Allen.

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