Reflective Essay regarding personal recovery for people living with a psychotic disorder

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According to Mentalhealth (2020), the term ‘recovery’ was defined as the capacity of an individual to live a meaningful life in the presence or absence of a mental illness or psychotic disorder (Mentalhealth 2020). According to a study carried out by Weeghel et al. (2019), the significance pertaining to personal recovery for people who experience psychotic disorders was emphasised. Psychotic disorders refer to conditions that negatively affect the cognitive functions and capabilities of an individual and leads to abnormal thinking and perceptions. The primary symptoms of psychotic disorders include delusions and hallucinations and major types comprise of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In order to treat these psychotic disorders, two primary treatment and recovery strategies are suggested. These include clinical recovery and personal recovery. Over the years, personal recovery has gained substantial significance and consists of an individual working towards something that is important to him or her. Personal recovery adheres to elements of hope, optimism and connectedness, thereby allowing an individual to live a meaningful life (Weeghel et al. 2019). This essay highlights the differences between clinical and personal mental health recovery and how personal recovery can enhance the wellbeing of people who experience psychotic disorders. Furthermore, the essay comprises of a reflection relating to how I, as a registered nurse (RN) can utilise effective communication strategies to assist a consumer living with the effects of a psychotic disorder. 

Clinical recovery refers to the process proposed by health professionals such as psychologists and counselors, that aids the patients in reducing the symptoms related to psychotic disorders and achieve a balanced state of mental health. On the contrary, personal recovery refers to an individual adhering to his or her own decisions in order to live a meaningful life (Slade, 2016). According to a study carried out by Van Eck et al. (2018), the differences between clinical and personal mental health recovery were demonstrated in people experiencing schizophrenia. The results of the meta-analysis exhibited that there exists a small correlation between the clinical and personal mental health procedures and both should be considered for handling and nursing of patients suffering from psychotic disorders (Van Eck et al. 2018).

 In similar study carried out by Rossi et al. (2018), the complex relationship between clinical and personal recovery in patients suffering from schizophrenia was determined. A cluster analysis was executed with the results showing patients suffering from higher levels of depression, stigma and lowered self-esteem. The primary reason for this were the inadequate treatment and recovery strategies being formulated and hence, there was a need for designing individualised and effective treatment regimes in order to cope with such conditions (Rossi et al. 2018). 

However, in a study carried out by Chan et al. (2018), it was extensively argued that clinical and personal mental health recovery techniques adhere to different approaches and that the one which is most suitable for a patient suffering from a psychotic disorder should be applied. The clinical and personal mental health recovery processes applied for the well-being of patients suffering from schizophrenia were evaluated. One hundred and eighty-one people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders were recruited for this study and were observed in a total of two categories, including baseline and six months. The results exhibited that personal mental health recovery positively achieved the mental well-being of the individuals and was effective by more than 50% as compared to clinical mental health recovery (Chan et al. 2018).

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