Reflective Journal

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Reflective Journal

This reflective journal is a descriptive summary of the development I achieved during this course, where I studied various forms of writing and communication skills. The things I plan to address include the importance of writing blogs and identifying the aspects of writing that need to be strengthened my learning, the degree to which core transferable attributes are built, and issues related to my professional growth. Furthermore, avenues for potential growth were described with a perspective of how they can be approached, both of which should enhance my professional and personal progress. People can spend a great deal of time worrying about their perceptions and the activities they have to do (Chadwick, Quinn & Fullwood, 2017I have always been a thinker, but I have enhanced my critical research skills greatly through my course work. Instead of relying on the suggested readings or biographical context, I have learned to keep questioning "why" at different level. I find myself wondering into a text as strongly as possible and to retrieve every aspect in order to deliver a satisfactory critical review. This has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of written correspondence by reviewing many books by different authors through which I have managed to distinguish various writing styles and create connections that tie texts together.

Writing is always known to be my strengths in terms of communication skills, but it was really difficult for me to take the first step after high school due various mental limitations that restricted my ideas for so long. As a student, I believed I had gained self-discipline which is essential for successful learning. During this course, I have gained significant trust and confidence in all the assessable skills, such as communication, successful thinking, and collaboration. Such skills were established in the course work as well as in the field practice. Though I was worried about my verbal skills, I felt confident about my written correspondence. The course has enabled me to understand the value of written correspondence in all levels. This taught me how important written communication can be when it comes to expressing purpose. I have a practical experience in the field of writing in Research Centre. During my time at the Research Centre, I put my written communication skills into operation, which helped me to introduce my ideas to people of various backgrounds and cultures. For instance, while working with a senior research associate in the Research Centre, I have identified many ways to develop my written communication as I have worked on many projects that involve the comprehensive use of written communication in the form of research articles, media reports, essays and blogs. I have learned from this experience that strong written communication skills are necessary for people to communicate their ideas.“Self-improvement is based on awareness” (Antonova & Merenkov, 2020). Learning is a continuous process of development of what is not known, and understanding of emerging needs is the foundation for further growth. I believe the best way to improve is to become an independent learner who, in itself, needs high self-development abilities and discipline. 

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