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The assignment that I am submitting is about Data Modelling and Database design. This part of the assignment required me to understand database concepts in detail and have a firm grip on it. Someone who does not know how SQL database works might have a problem in understanding and running the queries. By doing this task one knows how database designing helps produce information base frameworks that meet the prerequisites of the clients and have elite. Information base planning is critical to superior data set framework. A good database is significant to any organization or association. This is on the grounds that the information base stores all the appropriate insights concerning the organization, for example, worker records, value-based records, compensation subtleties and so on

The assignment was done on MySQL database. For this, I first had to download XAMPP on my local desktop which is a cross-platform webserver. It lets us test the projects on our local server before we make it visible to everyone on the web. It comes with pre-installed Apache webserver, MySQL database, PHP and PERL, helping to build an offline application with all the functionalities. After downloading it, we start the Apache and MySQL configuration which then builds a connection with the local ports. We then opened phpMyAdmin and started writing SQL queries there. I first build a schema with the name ‘BuildingGo’. A Schema in SQL is an assortment of information base items related with a data set. The username of an information base is known as a Schema proprietor. Blueprint consistently have a place with a solitary information base while a data set can have single or various constructions. Likewise, it is additionally fundamentally the same as isolated namespaces or holders, which stores information base articles. By this I understood that we can apply security authorizations for isolating and ensuring information base items dependent on client access rights. Schema additionally helps in circumstances where the data set article name is the equivalent. However, these items fall under various consistent groups. It helps in controlling and getting to the articles which in any case is a perplexing technique.

Once the schema was created, we moved on to creating table in the schema. Tables are utilized to store information in the data set. They are interestingly named inside an information base and blueprint. Each table contains at least one sections. Also, every section has a related information type that characterizes the sort of information it can store. It makes our work easier as we can see all the information in an organized format. Each table also has a primary key which uniquely identifies a particular record in the table. By this I was able to look up values easily in the table. I also understood the use of foreign keys. It is a link from one table to another and helps when retrieving data. When searching more about it, I came to know the advantage of using foreign keys in our table which is that they uphold information consistency, implying that they keep the information base clean.

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