Reliability and validity of information

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Reliability and Validity of Information:

Reliability means the degree to which the researchers can depend on the different source of information and on the information itself. A data is called reliable because it is based on a fact or any evidence, moreover, this type of data is precise, authentic, sure and trustable. When evaluating information reliability includes neutrality as an indicator (Pierce, 2008). On the other hand, validity of information is its significance to the researcher’s research question and objectives. The validity is concerned with the openness and truthfulness of its connection with the concepts under inspection. Sometimes, a researcher had to use data whose validity might not be that strong. There are scenarios when information found or gathered isn’t complete so to find validity the researcher should employ an array of different procedures to decrease dependency on any particular one (Pierce, 2008). The profession chosen for this essay is Nursing; it is an important field in the medical sector. Holanda, Marra and Cunha (2019) determined the reliability and validity of nurses in emergencies in different hospitals of Brazil.

The paper used different measure for validity as well as reliability, both of them were calculated through a CSANE scale and were based on internal structure, external criterion and internal consistency. Hence, it is proved that nursing as a professionalism can be evaluated through validity and reliability. Moreover, in this report we will analyse different website through validity and reliability, the six websites are 1. Sage Publications 2.  The Sydney Morning Herald 3. The New Idea 4. British Medical Journal (BMJ) 5. A Life Story Foundation and 6. Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing (AJAN). Validity and Reliability can be tough tools to measure information and sometimes a researcher might find it hard to evaluate the given information.

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