Research Project: Australian Agricultural Company

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the introduction to sustainable practices in companies has made a huge change in how the company works internally and externally keeping all the parties happy and satisfied. In this research, I will be discussing about the sustainability practices that Australian companies are considering along with what, these companies are doing or the Australian environment. This research will only focus on one of the companies listed in ASX. There are a lot of companies that are listed In ASX and have been doing numerous things for the environment as well as the consumer market. Some of their doings are going to be discussed in rest of this research.


In this research, I will be talking about a company named AACo (Australian Agricultural Company). This company produces integrated cattle and beef in a large number in Australia. Started in 1824, today AACo owns and operates a strategic balance of feedlots and farms comprising almost 6.4 million hectares of land in Queensland and the northern territory. Since they are a leading producer of beef and agricultural products In all over Australia, they are continuing to diversify their business into a vertically integrated agribusiness, with a solid history of sustainability. [1]

This is a business that relies on the natural resources available which is why their environment and sustainability initiatives are focused in respecting the natural resources and their commitment to innovative environmental management which protects the resources. The natural resources they focus on are the grazing land, water resources, pest management, climate change and so on. Since these companies are the largest producers of beef and cattle, they need to be sure about their food consumption in order of their proper growth. These needs to be carried out, without hampering the natural vegetation. For example, too much use of chemical fertilizers can decrease the fertility of soil, resulting in the less production of the vegetation for the beef and the cattles to feed on which will create a huge problem in the business. Water comes in hand by hand when we talk about food. In order to provide their business with proper watering, they need to have proper and improved understanding of the ground aquifers which is being achieved through comprehensive water quality monitoring. [2]

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