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Science Overview

Science is all around us; it enables us to see everything with a different perspective, all the matter in the universe: from the smallest subatomic particles, in a single metal atom used in the circuitry of your computer to the supermassive black holes in galaxies of our infinite universe, from the formation of Sun from the clouds of gas and dust to the origin of the human body from a drop of blood. All these principles governing biodiversity are created and explained by Science, and they describe the nature of subatomic particles—the fundamental constituents of everything—as well as how our galaxy is held together. More crucially, science is a trustworthy method for teaching us about everything else in the cosmos. However, because of how it is conducted, science differs from many other methods of education. Exploring the richness and beauty of science will take you on an exciting journey filled with information and surprises. 

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Areas of Interest


The field of study known as biochemistry studies the chemical reactions that take place inside and around living organisms. It is a science that combines biology and chemistry and is laboratory-based. Biochemists can comprehend and address biological issues by utilizing chemical understanding and methods. A wide number of scientific fields are covered by biochemistry, including genetics, microbiology, forensics, medicine, and plant science.


The study of the formation, structure, and characteristics of the matter is known as chemistry. Because it incorporates physics, mathematics, biology, and now even environmental science, it is frequently referred to as the "core science." The study of various aspects, chemical compounds, their transformations, and the energy input and output associated with these transformations are all covered.


Biology is the study of life and living things. The analysis of molecular mechanisms in cells, the classification and behavior of organisms, the evolution of species, and interactions between ecosystems are all topics covered by biological science. Although it is a scientific discipline with a large reach it is tied together as a single, cohesive field by several commonalities.

Physics and Advanced Physics

A natural science that examines the dynamics of matter, energy, and physical forces is referred to as physics. Understanding how the cosmos works is one of the most important objectives of physics, one of the most basic scientific disciplines.

Calculus is used in advanced physics to mathematically express motion and acceleration. Mathematical language is often used to convey its laws concisely and precisely.


Sociology is the study of social structures and human connections. The subject matter of sociology is broad. Sociology is a fascinating and enlightening academic topic that examines and discusses significant issues in our daily lives, our communities, and the wider globe. To enhance and improve our understanding of important social processes, sociologists place a strong emphasis on the meticulous gathering and analysis of information about social life. Researchers in sociology employ a variety of techniques. Sociologists monitor how groups behave in daily life, carry out extensive surveys, decipher historical records, examine census data, examine interactions captured on video, interview group members, and carry out laboratory studies. 

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