Sponsorship Proposal-South Island Wine and Food Festival

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Dear Mr. Khoury, 

It is my pleasure to contact Fisher & Paykel for the purpose of offering a valuable opportunity to sponsor the New Zealand’s premier ‘South Island Wine and Food Festival’. Since 2011, this country has been housing this festival every year in the first week of December at Hagley Park North, Christchurch. This year the festival will be held on Saturday, 5th December 2020 from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm (Wine festival, 2020).

This festival is organized in order to celebrate the diversity and the premium quality of wines and food produced in New Zealand. In the event, around 40 of South island’s globally-recognized wine-makers present their unique and diversified wine varieties in utmost fashion. The wineries are accompanied by the region’s leading restaurants, biggest food brands, artisan and gourmet food producers and street food stalls (Wine festival, 2020). The festival also includes a showcase of interactive work-shops and wine seminars hosted by the Wine Masters from New Zealand, a cooking theatre followed by a display of the top culinary dishes by the country’s leading chefs and a live broadcast by New Zealand’s top musicians (ccgovt, 2020). 

This festival is a family-friendly festival where adults of 18+ age are permitted to drink alcohol; however, people of all ages, incomes and lifestyles can be a part of the event. Minors who are aged 17 and below should be actively supervised by a parent or any legal guardian (Wine festival, 2020). Overall, the festival can house around 5000 attendees who can relax and enjoy in an open and serene atmosphere of the Hagley Park(10 Times, 2020) The location, which is in the heart of the city, is deemed perfect for the event due to the gigantic space and central setting in the South Island country side(Lewis, 2017).

Over the years, this wine and food festival has become a popular tourist attraction and has also become a leading platform for housing popular promotion and branding efforts (Pratt & Sparks, 2014). This year, Fisher & Paykel has this unique opportunity to avail the $15K golden sponsorship package facilitated by the South Island Wine Festival and promote their brand.  This package includes signage where the company has an opportunity to display their logo on a 5m light box for the purpose of visual marketing and leveraging brand recall. Company’s logo will also be displayed at the back of the buses that are used for transportation to and from the Wine festival. Furthermore, each attendee will receive a drinking glass from the Fisher & Paykel brand to pop around the 40 wineries. On the entrance, the venue’s fence will also be wrapped with Fisher and Paykel Branding to welcome customers to the fun festival. The festival will also have a Fisher and Paykel Recharge station to offer recharging facilities to the attendees. This signage will be valued at $3000. 

This sponsorship will also grant Fisher and Paykel access to the list of festival attendee’s database. The company can then send unlimited daily emails incorporating kitchen appliance advertisements and attractive discounts pertaining to other household accessories to over 5000 attendees. Furthermore, round 70 tickets of the 5th December event will be given to Fisher & Paykel. This event will include top-notch wine tasting, delicious savory, cooking theatre and live music entertainment (Wine Festival, 2020). This sponsorship asset will be valued at $2000. The company will also be granted the Naming rights of the Music event held at the South Island wine and Food festival and that will be led by the top musicians of New Zealand. The music event will be renamed as Fisher & Paykel presents ‘Wine Festival Music Fest’. The company will also be granted the naming rights of the lucky draw competition that will be held in the South Island Wine Festival. The gifts of the lucky draw will be the kitchen appliances that will be provided by Fisher and Paykel. The naming rights will be valued at $6300.

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