Sustainability Reporting: ASX Listed Company

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For the purpose of this report, the analyzer has selected 10 of the ASX listed companies related to farming, beef production, cattle and meat production, dairy and staple industry. The chosen companies are Australian Agriculture Co., Wellard Ltd., Graincorp Ltd., Wide Open Agriculture Ltd., Australian Dairy Nutritionals Group, Bega Cheese Ltd., Costa Group Holdings, Ingham’s Group Ltd., Select Harvest Ltd. and Ridley Corporation Ltd. The topic under consideration is sustainable use of resources by the selected companies. The analysis will be done by reviewing the annual reports, corporate social responsibility reports and other media releases by the listed companies.

Analysis of Sustainable Use of Resources

The annual report of Australian Agriculture Co. (2019) contains the sustainability policies followed by the company. The sustainability policy of AACo includes environmental stewardship, livestock transport and animal health & welfare. It acknowledges the role of beef production in methane emissions (AACo, 2019). The company also reported to adhere to best practices for abating carbon emissions within the beef and cattle herds.

The annual report of Wide Open Agriculture (2019) also revealed that the management has strong focus on climate change, food safety and biosecurity threats. The company with its Dirty Clean Food brand helps in rebuilding healthy soil, enhancing biodiversity and restoring of waterways (Wide Open Agriculture Ltd., 2019). GrainCorp Ltd. also acknowledges its role towards environment and sustainable use of resources including energy use, GHG emissions, water usage and tradewaste discharge. The company revealed key information in its sustainability report in 2019 (GrainCorp Ltd., 2018). Wellard Ltd. is a global distributer of livestock and meat as well as a controller of feedlot facilities, livestock trading and feed milling (Wellard Ltd., 2019). The annual report of Wellard Ltd. (2019) also reveals the company’s effort towards reducing environmental footprint and regulating sustainable water usage.

Australian Dairy Nutritionals Group is a vertically integrated dairy producer, processor and brand owner. With its 4,004 livestock, 2,024 milkers and 17 mn litres of milk production, the company holds reputation of sustainable business (ADFL, 2019). The 2019 annual report of ADNG reveals that the company is regulated by the Environment Protection Act 1970 and is subject to water licensing restrictions under the Water Act of 1989 (ADFL, 2019).  Bega Cheese Ltd. is also a dairy producer in Australia. The analysis of its annual report (2019) suggests that it also covers the areas of sustainability including potable water intensity, energy consumption, GHG emissions, and waste disposal and landfilling (Begga Cheese Ltd., 2018). It clearly understands the global context for sustainable development of dairy industry and tries to fulfill its duties towards food safety, water & energy usage, animal welfare and sustainable sourcing.

Costa Group Holdings is Australia’s leading grower, packer and marketer of fresh fruits and vegetables. The company also issues its sustainability report annually in which it clearly addresses all the issues related to social sustainability, environmental sustainability and economic sustainability. It has clearly mentioned its focus on water use and scarcity, climate change, waste disposal, biodiversity and nutritional inputs (Costa Group Holdings, 2018). Ingham’s Group Ltd. is one of the Australia’s largest poultry providers. Its aim is to ensure that its processes are in line with environmental safety. The sustainability report of Ingham’s clearly states its aim towards minimizing the impact of its services on natural resources (Ingham's Ltd., 2019). Its strategies include six main themes including water management, energy saving, GHG emissions, zero waste and community support (Ingham's Ltd., 2019a).

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