Sustainable Development in Livestock Industry: Case of AAco Ltd

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Research Methodology

Explanatory study design is used as a research design for understanding and explaining the effects of sustainability for specific company. The explanatory design is supported by the problem solving theory under which different literature and theoretical framework is developed for developing analysis (Shabbir, 2014). The data is collected using secondary sources because the investigation is being made at macro-level. Documentary data is gathered from databases like Google Scholar, Procedia, Science Direct and JStor for evaluating the consumption and production patterns of livestock products for them to remain sustainable. The role of technology and institutional framework will also be examined through previous literature and reports published in renowned journals. 

This study uses the “Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses” (PRISMA) guidelines for reviewing the existing studies related to sustainability and livestock sector (Moher et al., 2010; Tranfield et al., 2003). Secondary data will be collected through review of relevant materials including the theses, peer-reviewed articles, conferences and other documents available on the internet. The documents will be searched by using keywords and terms associated with livestock sustainability and corporate governance. The key words include sustainability, development, sustainable development in livestock industry, environmental sustainability and corporate governance in livestock industry. No date restrictions will be imposed on the search. The priority will be given to the studies that have high relevance in terms of the substantial contribution to ongoing research on role of sustainability in livestock industry. 

Literature not related to sustainability and livestock industry will be excluded from the search. Reference list of the selected articles will also be scanned for finding the relevant literature. The general inclusion strategy will be based on authority, accuracy and relevance (Browning & Rigolon, 2019). Authority will be defined by the publication of the article while accuracy will be checked in terms of how the study contributed to the sustainable development discourse in livestock industry (Wolf, et al., 2014). The full studies will be thoroughly reviewed for extracting the relevant information. Important information will be gathered and analyzed combine with qualitative content analysis and recursive abstract technique. Pieces of relevant information found will be synthesized and paraphrased for making it more condense, coherent, manageable and concise (Browning & Rigolon, 2019). The end result that is expected to be obtained from the review will be the refined summary of relevant literature regarding the key issues and relevant accounting theories related to sustainable development applied for livestock industry in Australia. 

Ethical Considerations

The ethical issues related to sustainability in livestock industry are dependent on the environment and culture rather than on the productivity efficiency. 

Relevant Accounting Theories

In order to apply sustainable development in livestock industry of Australia, it is important to get a grip of underlying relevant theories in accounting genre. Brundtland Report (WCED, 1987) defined sustainable development as the way with which the needs of present population is met without compromising the needs of the future generation. With passing days, the human population is expanding while pushing the need for sustainable agriculture and livestock in order to fulfill the requirement relevant to global development (Herrero & Thornton, 2013). In the given scenario, the agricultural approach to sustainable development will be discussed under three lenses i.e. resource sufficiency, ecological sustainability and social sustainability.

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