Sustainable Vision: Is Vision just a dream?

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Q.1..Is Vision just a dream?

A vision and a dream are quite different forms of senses. As stated by Banutu-Gomez (2011) that vision is a picture of an ambitious, desirable future for the organization, team or community. It is a desired future which an individual foresight for himself, his family or organization. Commonly a vision is influenced by the environment (living or working), desire for a position in future, and inspiration. 

A vision can be termed as a source of motivation that compels a visionary individual to design plans and make arrangements in pursuit of his vision. It does this by showing people an attractive place to go and a reason to go there (Clark, 2008). A vision if rightly followed and managed can effectively aid in achieving the desired position. 

In the current era of advanced technology and immense competition being visionary is highly valued to be successful...

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