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Today, everything is about the advancement in technology which helps to revolutionize the global economy and it helps to expand the horizon of companies. Moreover, data analytics is the requirement of all the firm nowadays from which firms can get useful insights of all its business processes and then manage it so this data analytics comes from information system which company has to install through ERP system ( Kolcun, Grabara, & Kot, 2014). There are various types of information system like accounting information system which deals with internal and external financial transactions and then use this all information to post annual reports. The other type of information system is supply chain information system.

However, according to (Xie & Deng, 2018) there should be better planning and strategies before implementing ERP system like selecting right system according to requirements or to have competitive edge. If there is no right planning so ERP system will be less efficient.

A2B Australia

A2B Australia is a land transport public limited company operating in Australia. This company was founded by Reg Kermode. The main service of the company is Cabcharge which was established in 1976 and through this service the customers who use taxi service can pay through account payment system which is one of the methods of non-cash. A2B comes under the group company of CAB. It offers brands and activities in tax network which include ride services like 13cab and handheld payment terminal which facilitate in non-cash payment in taxi network like Cabcharge and spotto.

Business process issues

In FY 2018 this company faced numerous controversies due to predatory pricing strategies and it also had accusation of earning abnormal profits from online payment services by imposing 5% to 10% surcharge. Company has overcome all this controversy and they follow all the regulations. However, this company can uncertain consequence in 2020 as fierce competition can be anticipated along with strict regulations imposed by the Australian government. The payment service of the A2B can be impacted if government impose price restrictions on the fare of taxi network or there might be regulations which can reduce service charges in taxi industry. Moreover, in FY 2019 the company operational cash expenses have also been increased due to increase in operations and sales revenue so the company might face cash or expenses management issues, so the company need a proper financial information system to monitor its payment processes and expenses.    

Information system requirements 

The following are the issues or concerns which A2B must look after in order to improve its information system:

  • Diversifying user experiences especially in its payment process services.
  • Maintaining its operational growth divisions which include growth of taxi networks.
  • Enhancing expense and cash management.
  • Maintaining efficient booking system for customers and drivers.
  • Improve its taxi dispatch system.

 The ERP system which is the cloud computing system where all the resources can be shared over the network and it can also store the information which will be helpful for customer management. This ERP system can build long run communication with the drivers and customers and will store all their activities. The data collection which will be collected at ERP system will proud with all means of presentation and visualization as well (Tomasz, 2016).

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