System Thinking

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Tesla has been the most predominant clean electric company which focuses on sustainability. However, it is no stranger to major quality issues with their range of electric vehicles with the previous issues seen in the Model X and Model 3 (Crothers, 2020). Tesla has pushed its production due to it being the end of the quarter and the recent pandemic has also increased the production line issues this resulted into some issues which have been storming the media (Lambert, 2020) where consumers expect flawless delivery with a premium product they have been receiving a product which is not up to the expected mark which has led to consumers refusing the delivery (Eisenstein, 2020). The point to ponder here that there is still a majority of consumers who have been silent over the product quality this audit by media especially social media has led to negative perceptions for the company and its delivery. The issue may be of the production in few models, however, this paper seeks to use system thinking tools like Rich picture and CATOWE for complete and comprehensive system analysis of Tesla and recommend the actions to mitigate the issue. 

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is a holistic approach to perceive information from the individuals, procedures, and technologies that are performing in an interconnected manner to achieve desired outcomes (Checkland, 1976) which in case of tesla is to provide customers with a favourable experience in the usage of the product, this approach will assist to help visualize the system's network which is connected to the interdependent system as they influence the issues as a whole (Checkland & Scholes, 1990) resulting in identifying many probable solutions to the stated issue.

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