TAELED803 Implement Improved Learning Practice - Online Examination

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Purpose and context:

To be assessed as competent in this unit you must provide evidence that you can:

  • Evaluate ways to improve learning practice
  • Manage and monitor the means to improve learning
  • Analyse and advance the adoption of improved learning practice

The following table maps the final assessment activity against the Elements and performance criteria of TAELED803 Implement improved learning practice

Part Element Performance criteria
A: KQ (6) 1, 2, 3 All
B: Essay type question (1) 1, 2, 3 All


  1. This assessment item has four parts. Part A has Knowledge questions and Part B has an Essay type long answer question
  2. In order to be treated as competent, you have to attempt all sections and demonstrate satisfactory performance.
  3. Answer all questions.
  4. In case of any doubt, contact/email your trainer.
  5. After completion please UPLOAD your paper on PCT study desk (Moodle)

Part A - Knowledge questions

  1. Identify common methods of improving learning practice in an organization.
  2. Discuss different type of learners and their learning needs in short.
  3. Briefly discuss the role and impact of technology in learning practice or the application of information and communications technology (ICT) in learning and teaching (student may choose to discuss ANY one of them).
  4. Discuss different training & assessment techniques in vocational education system (VET) .
  5. How could you mentor your colleagues to improve learning practice in organizations?
  6. Explain how do you use collaborative and shared knowledge to enhance learning practice?

Part B - Essay

We know that it is not easy for management to implement an improved learning practice in organizational context. Management has to consider many factors which include a range of internal and external issues and moreover, it is time-consuming. Write a short essay discussing on - how difficult it is to relate the learning strategy and policies with organizational needs and requirements particularly in this dynamic environment.

You may discuss the following points –

  • Why it is difficult to align learning & improvement policy with organizational needs (mention the changing nature of organizational requirements)
  • What are the critical factors?
  • How to deal with the problems (you could mention what happened during COVID for example)

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