BSBITU313 Design And Produce Digital Text Documents - Individual Case Study Assessment

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Assessment Task Part 5

Task 5– Format and update a one page report
You have been asked by your manager to update a stored report that was saved without being grammar checked, spell checked or formatted corrected. Open the document Sales Report and save it as BSBITU313 AA1 Part 4 Task 5 Report. He has asked you to:

  • Add the company logo into the header
  • Add a main heading SALES REPORT
  • Create and use a Style for the main heading – use Heading 1 style, modified to Calibri (capital letters) 20 pt, Bold, Left aligned
  • Change the bullets to and align the items to the left margin – not indented
  • Change the line-spacing of the whole document to 1.5 spacing
  • Proofread and correct spelling and grammar errors
  • Save the document as BSBITU313 AA1 Part 4 Task 5 Report - remember to follow the correct naming conventions
  • Use the on-line Help feature to overcome any problems with completing this task
  • Check all instructions for this task are complete
  • Include the required footer - see the Organisational Style and Procedures Guide
  • Follow the file naming requirements in the Organisation’s Style and Procedures Guide

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