INF20003 Group Assignment On Proposed System Analysis and Modelling - Assignment 2

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Assignment 2

Task A: Research Questions and Basic Models.

  1. Who are the stakeholders for the issues related to real estate in your community, and what are their main interests?
  2. What types of information does the board collect and make available to its members and to the community?
  3. Research the real estate industry in Victoria (Australia). What are some of the cultural and legal issues that differ from the general international trends?
  4. To what events must the MLS system respond? List each event, the type of event, and the resulting use case. Be sure to consider all the use cases that would be needed to maintain the data in the MLS system, thinking in terms of the CRUD technique. (use the provided table to assist you)
  5. Create the Use Case Diagram based on the identified actors and use cases identified in Q4 .
  6. Draw a Domain Model Class Diagram for the MLS system. Be sure to consider what information needs to be included versus information that is not in the problem domain. For example, is detailed information about the owner, such as his employer or his credit history, required in the MLS system? Is that information required regarding a potential buyer?
  7. Draw a second domain model class diagram that adds the following specifications. First, there are two types of listings: a listing for sale and a listing for lease. Additionally, a listing might include no structures, such as vacant land, or it might include more than one structure, such as a main house and a guest house, each with separate values for square meters, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms.

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