TCHR5010 Competency and capability of Preschoolers - Assessment Two

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Assessment name: Portfolio of planning cycle
Due Date: Monday 12th June 2023 @ 11:59pm
Weighting: 60%
Length: 2000 words
Task Description: This Portfolio is comprised of two tasks. You must submit your assessment as one document.Task 1: Anecdotal record and learning experience

Demonstrate how you have engaged in the planning cycle during your professional experience.

Choose and submit your best detailed anecdotal record of your focus child and a learning experience plan that you implemented to extend on your observation and analysis of the child.

Task 2: Reflective practice (approximately 1000 words)

During your professional experience, you were required to complete daily reflections and highlight any ethical considerations or dilemmas you encountered. Reflect on your daily entries and explain one ethical dilemma that you observed or experienced yourself.

·         How did you or other educators respond to the issue?

·         What did you do well?

·         What could you have done better?

·         Was consideration given to all stakeholders’ perspectives in the decision-making process for resolving the issue? How?

Make direct links to the unit’s readings, the EYLF and the NQS.

Referencing APA 7th referencing format is required in Faculty of Education assessment tasks – link to SCU Libguide here:   APA 7 Referencing
Support Resources Academic Integrity – SCU guidelinesAcademic Integrity Module - mandatory module for first year students

Learning Zone – workshops, Quick Guides, student appointments

Submission The due date for this assessment is Monday, 12th June 2023 by 11:59pmSubmission of your assessment is via TURNITIN. The submission link can be found in the Assessment Tasks and Submission Tab in the TCHR5010 Blackboard site.

Please note:

·         It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have submitted the correct file and the FINAL version of your assessment for marking BEFORE the due date/time.

·         After you have followed the TurnItin submission process you must download the digital receipt.

·         If you have any difficulty submitting your assignment, please contact Technology Services and   make sure that you log a job with them so you have evidence of your attempted submission. To avoid any last-minute problems, make sure you submit well before 11:00pm on the due date.

Late Submission/Extension If you need to apply for special consideration you may do so HEREAccording to SCU Policy, late penalties apply. More information found HERE


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