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Teacher Starter 

Every new teacher needs guidance or mentorship to carry out their daily classroom activities in the most efficient manner. There are many platforms online to enhance your abilities and be at par with the demands of a modern classroom. As children become more inquisitive and energetic, teachers also need strategies and techniques to enable them to learn without getting distracted. 

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Managing classroom behaviour as a new teacher

Maintaining the behaviour of the classroom is required to maintain a stable environment for primary teaching. Usually kids misbehave when they are bored or finding it difficult to focus. If you’re a new teacher finding it hard to manage this, you can use the following techniques:

  • Introduce a reward system for good behaviour. The competitive element makes it a more productive method 
  • Build a positive relationship with the students so that it is not difficult to address behavioural issues when the time comes 
  • Do not be reactive towards students. Instead, be vigilant and catch distracted students before they even start to misbehave 
  • Establishing rules for model behaviour is another way to avoid disruptions during class. For example, if students are informed already about raising their hands when multiple students have queries, there will be a structure to follow
  • Avoid punishing students and remember to offer praise for good behaviour 
  • This might seem like a waste of time for some teachers but holding parties is a great way for a new teacher to bond with students and get to know them better 
  • If a student does not understand your method of corrective behaviour, it is best to involve the parents and talk to them in a way that is not offensive. Then, report any improvements in behaviour back to the parents 
  • Some students seem to need extra attention so interview them individually to get insights into their personalities 

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Finding support and guidance as a new teacher

  • The most important thing to find as a new teacher is some positive voice. There are bored and discouraging people in every profession and this can really make you start off on the wrong foot with your students
  • Understand the school’s instructional model well and discuss it with the school leaders 
  • Join the school’s mentor program or suggest that they start one if it doesn’t already exist. This mentor will also assist new teachers when interacting with parents 
  • Attend panel discussions on your subject 
  • There is a multitude of websites that offer online help for new teacher like Teach Starter Australia that can give new teachers ideas about making their classroom environment more interesting 

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Balancing the demands of being a new teacher

When you enter any new profession, it can get difficult to maintain a routine and have a work-life balance. Here are some tips for new teachers to meet the demands of a new career:

  • It can get very isolating to just attend classes and then focus on the next one when you leave the classroom so it is important to engage with other teachers and staff during breaks. Getting useful tips from them is another great thing that you can get from these interactions
  • Try to fix a time to grade papers and assignments otherwise you would always find yourself working 
  • Keep lesson plans flexible and don’t fixate on small deviations in your plan when you have a very big curriculum to cover. Keep a Plan B and C for different scenarios 

Creating a positive and inclusive classroom culture as a new teacher

As a new teacher, educate yourself about different identities, cultures, languages and disabilities in order to create an inclusive classroom. This brings positivity in the classroom culture as every student’s culture’s contribution is respected and taken into account. Some things you can do to maintain an inclusive classroom are:

  • Teach students about diversity and promote mutual respect in your classroom. Promoting a supportive peer culture is essential 
  • Make sure that every student gets to participate in class and no one is put down for being different. Always encourage everyone equally 
  • Collaboration should be encouraged so that students interact with someone besides their friend groups 
  • Learn about your community’s values and include them in your examples. Do not just include examples from a certain group 
  • Be welcoming toward family visitors who come to attend events. Make sure that all students are participating in events as well, not just a certain group

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