GSBS6140 Investment Analysis - financial Analysis Group Assignment

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Written Assignment (Group work)

The aims of this assignment are two-fold. First, to analyse the risk-return characteristics of the Australian equity market during normal market conditions and during an extreme event (such as COVID-19 outbreak). Second, to explore the effect of COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent government policy responses on the share prices of the Australian companies. The first objective should be achieved by calculating returns and different measures of risk, and estimating single factor and multifactor asset pricing models. The second objective can be achieved using an event study, which will be explained in lectures. Information regarding event studies can also be found in the supplementary materials listed at the end of this document.

Each group is expected to select five companies each from two specific GICS sectors where one sector is likely to be more vulnerable to a global pandemic while the other is expected to be somewhat resilient against a pandemic situation. (Check the company list here:

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