The decline in sales of IPhone in 2020

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Steve Jobs the founder of Apple Inc, launched “a revolutionary mobile phone” in 2007 known as the famous iPhone. It was one of the first 3in1 phones with special features including an iPod, touch control and internet, offering a “better experience”. “ iPhone’s market share remained 3rd largest on the global Smartphone market, shipping 41.3 million units in 2019” (refer to Counterpart).

Research Issue

Sales figures have seen a steep decline from 2019 to 2020 “iPhone sales in Feb 2020 were 494,000 compared to 1.3million iPhone sales in Feb 2019” (refer to Fortune). This study will provide an understanding of the reasons for the decline in sales, if the Pandemic of Covid19 has had a direct impact on the sales figure or is it a matter of consumer choice?

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