ITC560 Research Report On Internet of Things - Assessment Task 3

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Assessment item 3 - Research Report

Task One
Part A (4 marks)

The home is connected to the Internet Service Provider using a Cable Modem. Once that is in place, Add, connect, enable and configure the registration server, tablet and wireless router for the House. The network must implement secure protocols and techniques.  You should define  a suitable addressing scheme and ensure that your devices get addresses via DHCP where appropriate.

All the devices for the Home as outlined above should be represented in this environment.

Create a DNS name server to resolve the names of the devices in this environment. Use DNS (where FirstName is your own first name) to access the connected devices.

Part B (3 marks)
Add the Office in the same city. Either move the same tablet to the Office or use your smart phone and connect to the Office server. You can use any connecting and intermediary devices of your choice. Log on to the web browser on your tablet/smart phone and manage the devices.                  
Use your tablet/smart phone to:         

  • Turn on the Siren
  • Lock the door
  • Dim one lamp
  • brighten the other lamp
  • Turn on the furnace 
  • Turn on the ceiling fan

Part C (3 marks)
For the final part of this task, embed the following logic in the main office.

  • When the motion detector, detects motion, play music on the Bluetooth Speaker.
  • When the temperature increases, turn on the Air Conditioner, when it is too cold, turn on the furnace (make sure appropriate levels are used).
  • When the motion detector is trigger, sound the siren, take pictures with the WebCam and Lock the Door.

You must demonstrate the operation of each of these criteria.

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