The Use of Social Media in the Workplace

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Jeanetta (2017) argued that many businesses fear that the use of social media at the workplace will cause a distraction for the employees. However, according to Lampe and Ellison (2016), over 77% of the employees use social media at the workplace (even on their personal devices). Thus, the companies must accept this reality and find ways to use social media to increase the productivity of employees as it provides an informal medium to communicate and creates a sense of community in an organization. 

A law firm based out of Sydney is also considering to replace its newsletter with social media so that employee engagement can be increased. This report analyses the framework required to implement the above change. 

About the technology

The technology being considered by the management of the organization is an internal social media platform. Herlle and Astray-Caneda (2012) suggested that organizations must develop their own social media platforms. This suggestion is being evaluated by the management of the law firm. 

Haddud et al (2016) argued that the management of an organization must leverage the power of social media to share information and knowledge within the organization. The management intends to use social media as a replacement of internal newsletter so that the partners in the firm and the associates of the firm can have an interactive discussion on various cases. This is expected to improve knowledge sharing in the organization. 

Uses of the technology

In the initial phases, the management is looking to use the technology only for replacing newsletter. Going forward, as argued by Herlle and Astray-Caneda (2012), the platform can be used to increase collaborations and knowledge sharing with others. Also, the social media platform can be utilized for training employees as well.  

Since the social media platform is internal to the organization, Haddud et al (2016) suggested that the access should be kept restricted to the employees of the organization. Additionally, the social media platform must have the following features: forums, wikis, file sharing, tagging, feeds, activity feeds, user profiles, file repositories, and discussion threads. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the technology

Implementing a technology in an organisation has both advantages and disadvantages. Haddud et al. (2016) argued that the advantages of using internal social media platform in an organization are not confined to employee engagement as the high employee engagement results in innovation, increased productivity, and reduced turnover. Haddud et al. (2016) further argued that while the increased usage of social media promotes employee engagement, it has no visible impact on the leadership competency of the management. However, social media acts as a communication medium for leadership to promote a change in the organization.

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