The use of violent video games can be damaging: a case study on children

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Playing violent video games such as Counterstrike or Gallo are becoming more popular source of entertainment among children nowadays. Video games with massive amount of realistic representations of physical violence negatively affect the development of children as they can become more aggressive and violent. Damaging brain, creating violence and mental illness are the main adverse effects of playing fighting and shooting games online among children. This essay will portray the impact of violent video games on children in terms of brain damage, mental illness and violence.

Video games are capable of making the brain and behaviour of children sharp but children should avoid playing violent video games because they can badly affect the development of the brain of the children. Violent games can seriously have negative consequences on the brain of a child, studies have shown that the increased exposure to violent video games can promote a rise in ADHD behaviour that shows a “slower-paced and less stimulating academic, work or social environments” (Bavelier, Green, Han, Renshaw, Merzenich & Gentile, 2011, p. 5). Playing video games can change the performance of brain of children as they can pay attention to their studies more efficiently but in terms of violent video games, children become more aggressive and more prone to get addicted of the games. Playing violent video games for a longer period disturbs the normal pattern of the brain and children cannot have control over the emotions. Video game addicts have more aggressive behaviour than other children (Prescott, Sargent & Hull, 2018). Moreover, video game addicts use mobile phones for a longer period than badly damages the brain because it absorbs a large number of radiations. In addition to it, playing video games for a longer period causes brain disorders because of sleep deprivation. The excessive use of mobile phones can lead to many serious health brain repercussions such as headaches, minimal concentration, loss of memory, fatigue and weak eye sight. A study researched on the implications of the use of unnecessary mobile phones that stated that “16.08% of the subjects complained of headache and 24.48% of fatigue. Impaired concentration was reported by 34.27% of respondents, memory disturbances by 40.56%, sleeplessness by 38.8%, hearing problems by 23.07%, and facial dermatitis by 16.78%” (Khan, 2008, p. 289). It is important to avoid violent video games and encourage playing outside in nature because nature is capable of healing the damage that is caused by the exposure of violent content in games. 

Violent video games are responsible in changing the behavior of children in real life. The frequent use of them leads to aggressive and violent behaviour in this way they cannot feel empathy and have cruel behaviour towards other children which results in bullying and physically harm them (Prescott et al., 2018). They may behave like their gaming character and get into fights. Helping behaviour of children who play violent video games is low and they also become intolerant. These games make children emotionally weak, these influences are not only seen among children but also among adolescents (Krish, 2003). The impact of them can be short as well as long run and parents should take an active part in preventing their children from creating violence by keeping them away from violent video games. The major short term effect include the rise in fighting behaviour among the children as they play violent video games which involves fighting others to achieve something. On the other hand, the long term effects entails the increase in aggressive behaviour, the habit of conducting actions similar in video games and the fighting behaviour is also a long term effect. Some kids evolve this habit quickly while others develop it over a period of time (Ward, 2019). Hence, children playing video games.

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