NURS3005 Clinical Report On Transition To Professional Practice 2

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Assignment 3: Clinical Case Conference Report

This academic paper requires students to write up the patient presented at their Clinical Case Conference (CCC) as a detailed report.

There must be analysis of the patient’s medical condition(s) demonstrating the ability to apply theoretical concepts including (but not limited to) pharmacology; pathophysiology; anatomy and physiology.

There must be discussion and evaluation of nursing and medical management of the patient. Sound clinical rationales must be provided that support the care given to the patient.

Appropriate evidence based literature sources must be used and APA 6th edition referencing used throughout. You must follow Academic Standards and policy in writing, with the report to be written in third person.

The CCC Report must be uploaded with the CCC Declaration cover sheet otherwise the report will not be marked until a copy is received by the tutor allocated to mark the report.

Please refer to the marking guide below for the specific requirements of the assignment, you may use the marking guide headings throughout your paper however please note the section on Evaluation of nursing and medical management should not be a heading but should be integrated throughout your entire paper supporting your knowledge and understanding of the patient case.

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