ACC3005 research proposal On The Accounting Research Project - Assessment 1

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Assessment 1: Developing research proposal

This assessment is a part of a capstone accounting research project. The whole project is comprised of three (3) individual assessments. Section (a) provides information related to the overall project and section (b) provides information related to the assessment (1).

a) Description of the research project
The main objective of this research project is to confirm your ability in conducting research and executing key steps involved in the research process. The research needs to appraise and evaluate contemporary accounting issues. In this project, you need to identify a contemporary research topic, which has theoretical and empirical implication in current account practices. The identified topic needs to be related to sustainability, ethics and/or social accounting issues. For theoretical research, you need to identify the relevant theories on your topic using literature review and incorporate your own ideas of various researchers with your understanding. For empirical research, you need to identify 10 ASX listed companies and investigate their practices using accounting annual reports and other media reports. Overall, you need to

  1. Critically analyze relevant theories on accounting information and corporate social responsibility using peer reviewed journal articles.
  2. Analyze annual reports of 10 ASX listed companies for related accounting issues
  3. Identify the research methodologies
  4. Investigate the qualitative data and interpret
  5. Provide discussion on main findings of the researched companies
  6. Provide conclusion with justification

b) Description of the assessment A1
In this assessment A1, you need to,

  1. Apply theories and accounting knowledge in developing research idea
  2. Apply regulatory, sustainability and ethical issue related to research idea
  3. Clearly state research objectives, research aim and research questions.
  4. Develop research framework: conceptual, theoretical, methodological and analytical.
  5. Provide information sources.

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