CSH600 Literature Review On Evidence-Based Clinical Practice - Assessment 1

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Assessment 1: Literature Review

This assessment item requires you to undertake a mini / abridged systematic review (a special type of literature review) on an intervention related to COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2. As you are required to select your own topic, significant assistance is available during workshops one and two.

When completing this task, you are required to apply the core principles of evidence-based clinical practice:

  1. ASK answerable question using the strategies outlined and practiced during the online packages / workshops (PICO).
  2. ACCESS appropriate evidence by conducting a comprehensive academic database search for relevant published studies. You should appraise four (4) Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) and / or non-randomised controlled trials. If you would like to select studies which are not RCTs / experimental studies, you must talk with your tutor prior to writing your assignment. All studies must be in English. Importantly, the purpose of this assessment item is not to exclude poor quality papers from your review, but to demonstrate your ability to appropriately appraise the studies based on their quality within your review.
  3. 3. APPRAISE the studies selected for their internal validity, impact and applicability (external validity) using the strategies outlined and practiced during the online packages / workshops.
  4. APPLY the information to your clinical context.
  5. AUDIT (evaluate) the effectiveness and efficiency with which steps 1 – 4 were carried out and think about ways to improve your performance of them next time.

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