ECON1555 Business Research Report On Business Data Analytics - Assessment 3

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Assessment 3: Business Research Report

This assessment task takes the form of a report, which you will prepare as part of a consulting research assignment.

A Consulting Firm in Melbourne has been approached by a client to do a consulting project on the status of Information Technology usage in businesses in Australia. The reason for this is that the client is interested in identifying strengths and areas for improvement in alignment with the Australian Government’s view that businesses need to be data ready and adept at using digital technologies including the internet to succeed in the digital economy. The client wants a ‘high-level’ view focusing on all businesses in Australia, and with an additional focus on SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

You are assigned to do this project and required to submit a short report. The project is to analyse and describe the Australian enterprises’ online presence by using a reliable dataset. Data was collected from the Business Characteristics Survey (BCS) and is available on the ABS website via the link: Further details on the background to the assignment, and scope of the research assignment etc. are provided below in the assessment details section.

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