Thesis Project On Renewable Energy Prospects - Research Proposal Assessment

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This to clarify the structure, terms and layout of the mini thesis project. A research proposal of 5000 words was delivered in August. Now work on mini thesis has to be resumed keeping in mind that the overall word limit of the project is 100 pages, including the reference list, table of content, title page etc.

As per the client request, mini thesis project has to be completed that will comprise of various chapters/parts in the following manner.

Introduction 3800 (out of which 1341 words are already done in proposal, so left with 2500 words for this chapter).

LR 4,800 (2,058 words are already done in proposal and hence further 2800 words are required in literature review).

Methodology already done (800 words and does not require any further work on this part, whatever is done in proposal will be used in the thesis).

Results n discussion 13,500 words will be required.

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