PUBH6006 Group Presentation On Community Health and Disease Prevention - Assessment 2

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Assessment 2: Group Presentation

To prepare for this assignment:

  1. What intervention/s would you like to run? Your choices should be supported by the published literature. For how long will the intervention run?
  2. Who are the stakeholders that you will need to involve to make this intervention successful?
  3. What would each of those people have to do? Who would be responsible for which project tasks (ie leadership, development or delivery of educational material, managing the budget and finances)?
  4. How much will the required resources cost? This can just be an estimate of the costs that will be involved. If you need to hire staff, estimate the amount of their time that you need (ie hours/days per week) and how much their salary would cost. Don’t forget consumables like paper for printing, and envelopes and stamps if needed. This is your estimated budget.

To prepare for this assignment:

  1. Briefly explain your intervention, and any research evidence that supports this as a good intervention.
  2. Explain how your intervention addresses primary, secondary, and/or tertiary prevention as a health promotion strategy.
  3. Explain the different phases of your strategy: planning, community engagement, implementation, management, evaluation and recommendations.
    a. Use subheadings to describe what you will do at each of these stages.
    b. Where does each phase fit into your timelines?
    c. Who needs to be involved in each phase, and what would they need to do?
  4. Include your list of costs and estimated budget.
  5. Conclude with recommendations about preventing obesity in children and youth.

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